Change is Afoot

There are some changes in the air. The summer is waning; we can breath again without feeling like we are inhaling the air from inside a brick oven. (Some days this means that we are merely hot, as opposed to dying, but we'll take what we can get.) And, there are other changes afoot – changes in direction, changes in focus. Changes in accessories.

I was shopping for shoes with Barry yesterday and I heard something call my name. I turned and saw this leather Aldo bag looking at me from the rack.

Aldo, looking smug

I had to look again to make sure that I was the one this thing of beauty was talking to. I tried to reason with myself. I don't need a new bag. I was there to buy shoes for Barry. Beauty is only skin deep (or in this case, leather). But I knew, as sure as I know the day is long, I knew that this bag and I were meant to be together. Aldo, in the meantime, was very nonchalant, as if he was confident that he was going home with me and didn't think anything about my internal debate and torture. Barry told me that we looked good together. That's really what sealed the deal.

However, as it turns out I already have a bag. My messenger bag by Fossil has been with me through so many adventures. We've been in the rain together; we've had coffee together. We've visited other cities and other states. At work and at home Messenger Bag has been by my side. When we got into the truck Barry said a rather callous and disparaging remark about Messenger Bag, and I pretended to rebuke him for it. Really, though, Messenger has a thick skin. That's why we've gotten along so well. That's why I've not paid attention to the disparaging remarks hurled in my direction about the condition he's in.

Messenger Bag standing tall in spite of the wear and tear

The wear and tear

But, at some point one has to face the facts. Messenger Bag is tired. He's been through a lot and he's stood up there with me. But, at what point do I have to say that enough is enough? People have been telling me that for a while, though I haven't listened. Messenger's only thought has been to make me happy. I haven't taken a moment to wonder if maybe he's tired and ready to rest. We have to think about these things, though, because our faithful companions will never voice this sentiment for themselves. 

So, it's with a heavy heart that I unload Messenger and decide what I need to equip Aldo with for the adventures that lie ahead for us. Aldo's skin is so soft, not tough and strong like Messenger's canvas, but soft and supple like leather. I honestly can't believe that I have something this beautiful. I don't know that the adventures will be the same. Would I run through the rain with him? Toss him on the floor beside my bed when I lie down, exhausted after a long day of walking through a strange city? He'll hold my small Netbook, whereas Messenger was intended only to hold my Nook.

To say that I'm torn is an understatement.

Likewise, I have been writing a blog on blogspot for six years. Six years I've laid down my thoughts on bemol Ardiente. The initial reason was to begin writing again, which is exactly what I did. An energetic writing teacher is now encouraging me to put aside the old and go forward with what will fit my future needs. A website of my own is what is needed in the future as I continue to write my novel and then as I look for a way to publish it. Before spending any more energy on promoting myself via the blog, I needed to move to a more permanent location. A location that can let me grow into my writing and into my artwork. 

But, again, I have been with bemol Ardiente for six years. I reread the initial post and I realized anew what it was I was hoping to achieve. I believe that I have achieved that. That doesn't mean that I can't take with me the best of what I've done. I've transferred the blog to my new site - to the blog page on my new site. And, how many people have blogs? How many authors have blog pages? Quite a few; I'd say. So, I've kept bemol Ardiente – for the time being anyway. We'll see how well it fits. It's an interesting turn of phrase. If anybody has picked it up and looks for it, I want them to find me.

So, please visit me here at and visit my blog. I'll be adding to the website and growing it. I will have more flexibility. I will have more fun. 

And, thank you for your support.

Earnie Painter
A Rather Earnest Painter