Drivel Series - One

The world is a little bit different when seen from the other side of a 2-day headache. If you simply have a headache, then you can remember what it was like when the sound of a child laughing brought joy to your heart. Even a child crying offered hope for the world in the form of a new generation. But, after the first day has passed, the memory of what life was like (before the pain behind one’s eyes crushed one’s will to be out of bed) slowly fades away, leaving one to wonder if that was ever reality to begin with – much like the over-analogized dream that one wakes from, struggling to grasp the threads of it in order to remember the details later, when one is awake – but unable to quite retain it all amidst the persistent daybreak of consciousness that flushes out the shadows of the dreamworld and floods the day with light.

Damn metaphors. Where’s my Advil?!