Brain Hijackings

Songs that have currently kidnapped my brain:

Aquí by La Ley. (The version I have is from an MTV Unplugged album) I'm really not even certain what the song is trying to say; maybe that's why the words haunt me. But, the music is just the kind of thing to get under my skin and make me hear it even when it's not playing. Plus, Beto Cuevas has a beautiful voice.

Calamity Song by The Decembrists. A very recent song, especially compared with Aquí, which was released 2000. The music if perfect to get in my head and make me sing it out loud, and then I realize that I'm singing words that make no sense whatsoever. "And the Andalusian Tribes, setting the lay of Nebraska alight..." What? How would Andalusian tribes get to Nebraska? It seems to be a dream and possibly a reference to the fall of the Roman Empire, which tribes from Andalucía had a part in (I think???). Or something.

Anyway, I haven't done my homework on the groups, so I have nothing to report here that goes any deeper than the songs themselves and my reaction to them. That's kind of how I wanted to leave it for the moment. Initial reaction without any background information kind of means a lot with art. Although learning more is often a good thing, it often ruins it for me as well.

I don't really want to get into the legal issues of uploading the songs (not to mention the technical issues), so I'll say go listen to them in iTunes. You get a longer sample than in (I have a link to because I know how to do that and I don't know how to have a link to iTunes.)

In the mean time, please offer recommendations for future brain hijackings.

Thank you.