Random Photo Day

October 1, 2012

So, I've noticed a trend in the blogs that I stalk: Photo Friday. Well, it's not Friday, but I can post a photo. It lacks alliteration, but I think I make up for it in being different. Maybe I'll call it Random Photo Day. When I have nothing better to say I'll pull a photo out.

Another thing, I'm not a photographer. I love to take pictures, and I'll post some of my own, but my niece is a MUCH better photographer (and she has a MUCH nicer camera than I), so I'm going to post one of her pictures and see if I don't get shot, sued or taunted.

Here's a shot that she took in the rain. It's not recent, but rain doesn't go out of style.


Grass in the Rain, by Roslyn Guerrero
In the Rain     –Roslyn Guerrero