Sexual Harassment

I'm not saying anybody who has committed sexual harassment should be excused, but I do think that we should all be held accountable for our parts. Actors and actresses clamor for a career in the big league, and they're willing to put up with whatever they have to in order to get it. That, along with greed on the part of the people who make huge money on movies, makes for a toxic environment – one that is bound to foster the worst side of people. Also, all of us who pay to watch the movies; we do our part in creating the environment. We are the ones who make it so financially lucrative. More than that, the demand (and I mean demand in the literal sense, not just the economic one) communicates to everybody involved that we, as a society, are going to put up with nothing less than blockbuster after blockbuster. I wrote before about laws being there to keep people in check, and this is what I mean. Nobody was there to keep these men in check and they seem to have gotten progressively worse.

Salma Hayek writes about Harvey Weinstein having a good side, one that is jovial and warm. Who knows what he would have turned out like if people along the way had let it be known that his behavior was not acceptable. What if he didn't come into the business as such a monster? What if that part grew because it could? Actors and actresses were making money and becoming big names; others were making money off of him, so people just looked the other way. Read the New York Times article, Weinstein’s Complicity Machine. Nobody along the way did anybody any favors by letting this happen.

And, nobody does anybody any favors by looking the other way. We have a moral obligation to keep each other in check. 

I don't know what to say about Hollywood, though. I mean, politics (another hotbed of harassment and scandal) is a necessary part of our nation; movies and television shows, not so much. People could feasibly go into politics out of a true need to do public service. And, it just seems easier to hold people accountable in elected government. From my point of view, most people looking to Hollywood are looking for fame and riches. I am not pointing my finger at the victims, but this has been an open secret for decades. They made the decision that the end goal was worth the risk. Maybe it was, and maybe it is still. Maybe now we can move forward with a little more awareness. But, I have my doubts. If one actor or actress is ready and willing to seduce a producer in order to advance their career, then doesn't that start the cycle all over again? And I'll bet that there is more than one willing to do that. From looking at the NYT article, it seems that there needs to be a lot more communication and a lot less secrecy. But, I've stated my opinion about mankind before. We're flawed, greatly. I'm not saying that it's good or that it's acceptable or okay, but I believe that Hollywood will always be where the worst side of people shows itself.