Kavanaugh Uproar

This Senate Confirmation Hearing and the testimony that accompanies it is a circus. It is an absolute circus. There are a few things that I’m thinking right now.

I do not disbelieve Dr. Ford. I simply don’t think that this should be the deciding factor.

The Republicans blocked the nominee of Democratic President Obama. The Democrats are doing the best they can with what they have right now to do the same thing. I don’t blame them really, but two wrongs don’t make a right. They’re in a tricky place.

Women, in particular, have a lot at stake in this battle. I really don’t blame them for fighting.

I have heard very little talk about the decisions that Judge Kavanaugh has made in his career as a judge. If his behavior as a teenager was going to affect his ability to perform creditably as a justice on the Supreme Court, then there should be evidence of that in the years he has already served as a judge. If this evidence were brought into the argument, then it would have more teeth. Its absence speaks volumes.

I truly believe that Kavanaugh’s name is being dragged through the mud unfairly.

Just the accusation of sexual violence is enough to leave a stain on a man’s reputation. There is almost nothing he can do to remove that, regardless of whether the accusation was true or not.

Women have been subjected to this unfair treatment for millennia. If a woman were accused of being a witch there wasn’t much she could do to repair her good name. More recently, women are accused of being a slut or a bitch, but the idea is the same. Tarnish her reputation to undermine her.

It seems fairly obvious to me what’s going on. What I don’t understand is the genuine mass hysteria. People of both genders are up in arms at anything tiny little thing that’s said. Kavanaugh wouldn’t commit to how many beers is too many, and he won’t come clean about what the term ‘Boof’ meant in his high school yearbook. This does not make a man guilty and it doesn’t mean he isn’t suited for the position. This is mob mentality, and it scares me. I was a victim of that for most of my adolescence.

There is nothing wrong with Kavanaugh crying while he talked about his daughter. There is nothing wrong with him crying at all. This whole thing is ridiculous and shouldn’t be happening in a civilized society. If she has an accusation, let her make it in the appropriate routes, not in a Senate Confirmation Hearing.