How to be Rather Earnest

"My forties have been the best decade for me, by far. Some of us have to grow into ourselves more slowly."
Earnie Painter is a sensitive, encouraging friend who has an irrational fear of checking the mail. Earnie loves coffee. He has brilliant ideas and valid questions... in rapid succession. He finds that he often makes people around him tired. He loves reading (mysteries especially), writing, painting, using artisan-made ceramic kitchenware, lounging, brooding, and cats (of which he and his partner somehow have 13). This list of things he loves is not necessarily in an order of any sort. Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Him Down, but he secretly loves rainy days and being down (or feeling melancholy.) Life without music would have no meaning for him, and when he was young he wanted to BE Karen Carpenter. He is prone to headaches and being dizzy for no particular reason. While he is supportive of his friends and coworkers, he struggles with insecurity and more recently with his weight.

Currently, Earnie's projects include writing novels (one of which he's going to finish pretty soon!), social networking, struggling with personal finances and cooking. His small adventures include thrift stores, photography, restaurants, chasing gemstones and attending art festivals. Many of his friends are artists. While he finds landscaping and houseplants enjoyable, he has a mysterious aversion to being home. He has a large personality and finds friends essential in life (he can't laugh at a movie if he's watching it alone), though he does relish time to himself when he can watch people, contemplate and drink coffee. Sometimes he thinks about spiking his coffee, but he rarely actually does it.