I Need a Moment

I need some time to get my life together. Just… a moment, maybe. I look at my room and it has so much potential. But, there’s so much clutter, that it remains merely potential. It’s not the beautiful space I know it can be.

We just bought a bedroom set, a beautiful Amish-finished bed frame that has headboard, foot board and drawers. Because there are drawers, nothing can get tossed or lost under the bed. This is particularly nice, because nothing good ever happens under the bed, especially when you have cats. Aside from the bed, I also got a dresser and a nightstand. The set is beautiful, truly, and it’s the first time I’ve bought furniture like this.

It would be even more beautiful if the rest of my room weren't a disaster area. I try to be tidy, but I fail. There is a way to have the things I love around me without feeling like a hoarder; I just have to figure it out. For example, when my father passed, one thing I got was his footlocker. I enjoy seeing it. I just need to remove the cat carrier, the framed posters and other things that I'm too... *throws head back, with back of hand across forehead* tired to deal with. All of it lies more or less out in the open, distracting.

Having cats doesn't help in this respect. Fur is everywhere and if a hairball happens it's going to be on something I love, not the linoleum floor. This discourages one from putting things out that they love. It also discourages one from tidying up at the end of a work day when all you want is to relax and read. You spend all day at work, and then get home to work? It’s a good thing I love my cats. Their fur is really straining our relationship.

I need a month off. That would be about right, a month. It may seem excessive, but I’m convinced that this is the magic number - enough time to rest, and then just when I’m getting bored it’s on to the next thing. The entire first week is to sleep. I need about a week of uninterrupted sleep before I can even think about a task as monumental as cleaning my room, or getting my life together. Then I need some time to go through things and purge. I would appreciate the things I have much more if I could see them. And, I need to organize. I like having a place for everything and everything in its place. When I get REALLY organized we'll be able to switch the artwork out throughout the year. Spring, summer, Michaelmas, Hallowe'en and Christmas. That way all of the artwork we have won’t be out at once, and we’ll be able to appreciate it more.

Also, I need to write a bestseller so that I can be a homemaker. I understand that writing is work, but right now I’m doing it while working a full-time job. I want to just be able to ditch the full-time employment and stay home. I can write from the dining room table; I generally do anyway. (Don't get judgy. Agatha Christie said in her Autobiography that only for one short period did she have a dedicated office. Mostly she just wrote from whatever flat surface she had available.) Then I could do housework and cook dinner. How much commute time would I save? I could have lunch ready most days. Either this is a brilliant idea or (more likely) I'm delusional. Also, I have to have a good enough bestseller to be able to afford a cleaning person and a someone to cut the lawn. I'm not good at housework. I prefer to scratch the cats behind the ears as I pass them, walking from one room of my beautiful, clean home to another.

So, that's my plan. It's nearly midnight and I have my life all figured out. Sadly, I have to drive to work tomorrow. I'd better get some sleep.  

Disk Notebook

So, I saw this at Office Depot, by TUL. And, I just had to have it. I waited a week and I still had to have it. 

It's possible that I was just captured by the idea of something new and fun. This is all of those things. It seems innovative enough. As I said, I waited a while... and then ran to the nearest Office Depot to find my notebook. I chose the Junior size, because I like the smaller notebook feel. Also, I chose purple. 

As I researched exactly how it works, I discovered that the idea of disc-bound notebooks was not unique to TUL™ or OfficeDepot/OfficeMax. Martha Stewart has her own, and so does Staples. I haven't seen them at Michael's, and I'm not gonna lie; I'm a little disappointed. They seem to be pushing 'Agendas' right now; it seems like this would fit right in.

I should have taken a picture of my notebook, because it went everywhere with me. (Except that one time...)

I had been looking for a project management system, and this seemed as likely a candidate as any. I can add a calendar in there if I need to. One of the cool ideas is that you can hole-punch any piece of paper and add it to your notebook (assuming you shell out for the hole-punch.) There was nothing stopping us from doing that with 3-ring binders except the space between the rings. The space between the discs does lend itself much more easily to throwing random sheets of paper into the mix. 

I soon decided that the small discs were not enough for me. I had ideas of sections that I wanted to divide the notebook into – writing ideas, journal, grocery list, project management sections... So, I acquired a set of the larger-sized discs and quickly disassembled my note-taking system and re-assembled it in the larger version. 

My new and improved (?) Note-taking system by TUL™

Now it was just awkward – another reason I would have liked to have taken a before picture. While it was getting crowded and stuffed, at least it held together. These larger disks flop around a bit. I need more paper to hold it all together.

I should have bought more paper while I was at it

I've put all of my pocket dividers and page dividers and everything I have into this. We'll see how it holds up. I'll carry it around and see how it works. It was a bit of trouble to get it all transferred, so I need to work with it before I make the decision to transfer it all back.

All in all, there is a variety of things that you can use to make this work. I do keep it with me and I do write in it. So far so good. We'll see if it can help keep me organized. This together with Evernote and I will be unstoppable.